Return Policy/Waranty

I am very meticulous when it comes to assembling and testing every build prior to shipping, as a result you can expect a worry free experience without any issues. If however you do have an issue within 30 days of purchase due to possible shipping damage or any other factor that is out of my control then I will happily pay return shipping, fix the problem, and ship it back to you with the fastest turnaround time possible.
You may also contact me at any time over the life of your system for help troubleshooting or general questions about your system, I’m always happy to educate and help my customers.

Extended Warranties

I will not sell you an extended warranty like my competitors simply because I’m not a greedy bandit. Every part in the build generally comes with between 1-3 year manufacturer warranties and I ship all relevant paperwork regarding warranty registration and such with your manuals and other accessories. If at any point in that time period you have an issue and would like me to help you through the warranty claim process however I will gladly do so free of charge 😃

Any other questions regarding warranty information please reach out to